Hand-loaded Shelving Solutions

Hand loaded shelving is a relatively low-tech product – just a number of adjustable shelves supported by side frames or uprights. The difference between a simple bay of shelving and a complex storage installation is how we configure the individual components. We can plan and install your hand loaded shelving system as single tier, multi tier or mounted onto mobile bases for high-density applications.

Single-Tier Shelving Applications

  • Highly adaptable modular system
  • Wide choice of beam lengths and shelf widths
  • Quick and easy to construct
  • Simple to modify and extend
  • Easy to adapt to changing needs
  • Can store a vast range of different products
  • Excellent for hand picking operations

Multi-Tier Shelving Applications

  • Maximises use of available cubic space
  • Additional floors and walkways will increase the existing storage capacity
  • Provides pedestrian access for order picking
  • In some situations, a second level can be added to an existing Single-Tier Shelving system

Archive Shelving

  • Compact high-density shelving system
  • Can be configured to suit all types and sizes of archive boxes
  • Single-tier or multi-tier shelving options

Hanging Garment Shelving

  • High density garment storage
  • Ideal in retail, wholesale and distribution environments
  • Easily adjustable garment rails
  • Enables easy access and improved picking of garments or hanging items
  • An aid to stock rotation and stock control operations

Carton Live Storage

  • Efficient stock rotation and replenishment
  • Cartons are stored on sloping roller beds and roll down under the force of gravity

Mobile Shelving

  • An ideal system for high density storage and where space is at a premium
  • Excellent for the long-term storage of goods, documents and Museum Artefacts
  • Maximises the use of the available floor space
  • Only one operating aisle is required
  • Available in a wide array of shelf level configurations and capacities
  • Manually operated or electric-motor powered


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