Free Standing Double Sided Extension Rack with Bins

For use with Double Sided Starter Racks

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Single sided freestanding extension racks available for increased storage capacity when using both NXT-GEN and TC containers and accessories.

  • Rack Dimensions: H1600mm x W1000mm x D500mm

For larger applications select one “double sided starter rack” and the required number of “extension racks” to make this a complete solution to suit your individual requirements.

  • TC2 Container Size: L165 x W100 x H75mm
  • TC3 Container Size: L240 x W150 x H132mm
  • TC4 Container Size: L350 x W205 x H132mm
  • TC5 Container Size: L350 x W205 x H182mm
  • TC6 Container Size: L375 x W420 x H182mm
  • All containers are supplied with I.D. labels


Kit Type Containers
011525A 128 x TC2 Red & 112 x TC2 Blue
011527A 60 x TC3 Red & 60 x TC3 Blue
011529A 40 x TC4 Red & 40 x TC4 Blue
011531A 32 x TC5 Red & 24 x TC5 Blue
011533A 16 x TC6 Red & 12 x TC6 Blue
011525B 240 x TC2 Red
011527B 120 x TC3 Red
011529B 80 x TC4 Red
011531B 56 x TC5 Red
011533B 28 x TC6 Red
011525C 240 x TC2 Blue
011527C 120 x TC3 Blue
011529C 80 x TC4 Blue
011531C 56 x TC5 Blue
011533C 28 x TC6 Blue

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