GBP Ergonomic Workbenches

GBP workbench products are designed to improve the working environment and efficiency of individual operatives.

Good ergonomic design is of paramount importance in the workplace. GBP ergonomic workbenches and accessories can be easily adjusted so that operators can tailor their workstations to suit their individual needs.

GBP ergonomic workbenches, manufactured by the Scandinavian group – Sono, are part of a modular range that includes workbenches, trolleys and cupboards. With many interchangeable parts, GBP workbenches can be extended, adapted or reduced as changing manufacturing processes dictate.

Maximus Handling Systems Limited is the UK importer of the Sono GBP ergonomic workbenches and accessories. You can buy your GBP workbench products directly from us or from your preferred industrial merchandise distributor. We might redirect your enquiry to a vendor near to you so that you can get local attention as well as the best workbench system.